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Individuals, Families & Sole Proprietors 

Most individuals in the US are now required to have health insurance.  Don’t panic: you have options even if you are an individual or sole proprietor.   If you take anything away from this website, let it be this….”If you don’t know what your options are both on and off of the NY State of Health, the Official Health Plan Marketplace, you are not making an informed decision.”


As an individual or family, you know how hard it can be to find affordable coverage without having an employer to offer you coverage.  In the past, you did not have many options on your own.  You can breathe easier now because you finally have choices.  In addition to the traditional ways of getting insurance, New York State has created NY State of Health, the official Health Plan Marketplace.  There are reasons why you should explore both the traditional and new health insurance market places.  In both places you will find many great options.


When you look at your options on NY State of Health, depending on your income you may qualify for different levels of assistance with your premium and out of pocket costs.  Even if you do not qualify for any assistance with premiums or cost sharing, the rates are definitely much more affordable.


If you’re like most people, you have heard a lot of back and forth in the media about exchanges, market places, and how you should or shouldn’t purchase your coverage through them.  We are here to tell you there are many very compelling reasons why you should consider getting your coverage through NY State of Health.


If you’re looking for affordable coverage that meets your needs you really ought to start there first!  NY State of Health is the only place you can go to get access to many important programs.  Check out the tabs to the left under “On NY State of Health New York States official Market place” for some of the programs and benefits you can only get on NY State of Health.


Some health insurance options are only offered on the exchange.  Even if you do not qualify for or want to apply for a Tax Credit or Cost sharing Reduction, the exchange still has many advantages for you.  So come check it out….or better still, let us show you how!


Coverage not offered on NY State of Health

Just as there are many reasons why you should look on NY State of Health for health insurance, there are reasons why you should consider your options outside of NY State of Health.

Many people are finding that the Network of Health insurance providers outside of the exchange can be more comprehensive.  In some instances you may only find your preferred doctors, hospitals, and other providers outside of the plans offered on NY State of Health.

Just as there are options that are only on NY State of Health, there are options that are only outside of the market place.


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