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Vision Benefits

Under the ACA vision benefits are mandatory for members and their dependents that are 19 years of age or under.  Adult preventive vision benefits are generally not included.  Once again there are ways to make sure that this coverage is available for your employees.

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Group Insurance Products

Many small businesses don’t offer Dental, Vision, Life insurance, or disability Insurance to their employees.   Many small employers believe that these benefits are for larger companies and are unaffordable or not cost effect.  We’re happy to let you know that as a small business you’re in the drivers seat.

As an employer you have choices.

Of course you can pay for your employees and possibly their families to have these benefits.

You can offer these group benefits to your employees and families on a contributory basis.  This is where you and the employees split to costs. 

Finally you have the option of offering the health insurance benefits on a voluntary basis.  You can make a portfolio of products to your employees and their families.  They pay for the benefits and choose what they need from what you’re offering.  Often times they can pay for these benefits with pre-tax dollars.

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